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I... guess I should try writing in this more. The Commandant would probably like to know if I'm doing okay in a normal school, after all... Even though I don't know how he'd know either way...

Oh... that party thing they had at the beach! I still don't know if I understand what they're for, but it was... it was fun. I don't think I've seen decorations like that before, and there was so much food! A-and it didn't get thrown at anybody this time. At least... I don't think it did...

Ah, but the best part about it wasn't the food, or the way everything looked, or even that strange music that was playing. The best part was Ion! He was there! Ion's here! At the school! And Anise isn't!


I... I just wanted to get something to eat! I didn't think he would be here.

What's he doing here, anyway? He shouldn't be here. Not after what he did! And to make things worse, he... he threw a sandwich... at my doll!

When that strange inside water started falling everywhere, I think it helped wash some of the food off, but it didn't do much for my doll. It looks... soggy now, and I don't know if I can fix it... I didn't want to stay there too long after that started, anyway. That water was really cold, and those loud noises started, too.

I don't even know what half of those foods were, but there was food everywhere! And the water didn't make things any easier... I kept slipping while trying to get out of the building. And my hair's still sticky from the juice, and... and... Ohhh, he's really going to pay for it all!!


Why do all of the classes have to take place inside..? It'd be a lot better if some of the classes were outside.

Maybe it was a little cold at first especially after all that snow but now it's not so bad. It feels kind of nice, and it's easier to pay attention when you're outside, too... It's too stuffy being stuck inside all day.

...I wonder what monsters humans I can do for fun around here. A place this big should have lots of things to do. Right..?


Oh, thank goodness. I'm so glad the lights are back on again. It was so dark and cold... Actually, it kind of reminded me of how it was when I still lived with Mommy. ...and it made me miss her even more... She was always so warm...

A-anyway... I hope that doesn't happen a lot.


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